Which woodworking tools should I buy first? – Woodworking Business Plan Example

This is a tough one. You need both a bench tool (if made from solid wood) and the proper cutting tool (usually a miter saw, but a router blade is fine). Don’t try these until you’re comfortable with your skills, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much time gets spent learning the differences between bench and miter saw, router and router-cutters (which aren’t nearly as complicated a tool as the router just mentioned) and carving the wood.

A general rule is that a miter saw should be about as big as a standard router. If you have a miter saw, start there — it will take about 8 hours to learn how to cut your first board. For a solid board, start with a regular table saw.

Why did you buy this one instead of buying two different woodworking tools?

Why not two different types of saws? This is an odd question. The “type of saw” choice is a choice between quality and price.

A lot of woodworkers are not accustomed to fine tools and are only willing to pay a few dollars more than someone who can afford nicer knives. The best saws cost more. When buying two different types of saws, however, you get a much better chance of finding a blade made of a high quality wood.

How would you recommend this to friends?

If you have friends who want to learn but can’t afford to splurge on a decent woodworking tool, this is a good investment. You’ll learn a lot more than you would with a cheap blade. This isn’t a drill press or jig saw. You might be surprised how useful this is.

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