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Woodworking tools – saws, knives, etc. – sawdust – paper, glue, etc.

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– 3/8″ wood screws

– 1/2″ wood pliers – (or use a combination of pliers and knife)

– 2-3/4″ wood screws

– 1-1/4″ 3/4″ bolts

– 1 1/2″ 3/4″ bolts

– 1 1/2″ washers

– 1/4″ nuts

– 1/2″ length of 1″ length of electrical tape(I use electrical tape)

– 1/4″ length of thread (I use thread)

– 2 1/4″ wood screws

– 1/2″ length of screws

– 2 1/4″ wood shims

– 3/4″ length of thread (I use 10/32″ thread)

– 1 1/2″ length of wood shims

– 5/16″ length of wood shims

First, attach 3/4″ of electrical tape to your wood shims on your workbench. Then, use your washers and nuts to secure the tape to the wood workbench. Using a pair of pliers, pinch your wood shims to make sure you won’t lose the adhesive, and then insert your electrical tape. The tape will come off the wood fast while it is stuck to the wood workbench.

Second, use 1 inch of 3/4″ screws to secure your wood workbench to your work bench.

This can be either 1/4″ or 3/8″ wood screws.

Third, get your 3/8″ wood screws.

Next, take 4 1/4″ wood screws and attach them to your workbench.

4″ wood screws will help you to hold the workbench in place without glue or wood glue.

After you’re done, the wood workbench is ready to assemble.

Note: I recommend you check out my “How to put your wood shop together” series, which includes photos, step by step instructions, and other useful tips and tricks.

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