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You need an eye for beauty and design, a hands-on knowledge of woodworking, and the ability to work creatively with it (like taking on a project when you’ve had no experience). I am happy to discuss anything you have that you’ve never spoken to me about before, so bring your questions, or ideas about what you’re looking to create.

Check out these amazing, unique woodworking projects:

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The New Zealand Defence Forces will have to cut more than 600 positions this year, and an average of 250 by July next year — a more than five per cent reduction in its ranks.

At some of the higher levels, a total of 913 personnel have been let go already, with more to come.

DND announced the cuts in a statement, revealing that at least 10 per cent of the force’s 8,200 members would be laid off in 2016-17.


* Defense Minister admits more than 450 personnel have been let go across the defence organization

* Defence Minister warns $2B defence hole may not be filled in 10 years: DFAT

* Defense cuts will hit Kiwis: Defence Minister

* DND cuts of about 250 personnel in 2016-17

Some of the lay-offs will come from the Marine Corps, the RNZ military and the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

There will be a further 600 personnel hit in 2019-20 and another 870 over the same time period.

But Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee has said that the cutbacks have been necessary to ensure the force’s long-term capacity and ability to protect New Zealand and its interests globally.

The Defence Force cutbacks are set to be implemented in the current financial year (March 31 to August 31) and not the next one.


* Defence cuts to hit Kiwis, who will have to shoulder their fair share

* Defence Minister says Defence cuts will hit Kiwis, who will have to shoulder their fair share

* Defence cuts to hit Kiwis, who have to shoulder some of the burden

* Defence cuts may hit the economy in coming years: PM

As part of the cuts, the number of soldiers assigned elsewhere, for example to Northern Australia, Australia, the US, Malaysia, the Philippines or

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