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The following are the general requirements that I set on the market board:

Inactive market: 10-20 day minimum volume: 10,000 BX (BX) to 20,000 BX (BX) (1 month for the first year)

Sellers are asked to provide as much details about their product as possible and the product to get a better market insight at the start of the sales cycle (upselling).

Pricing varies according to market conditions and the needs of every seller. When the product is sold, we want to know the following:

BX price.
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Estimated value of the product sold.

Market acceptance.

The market acceptance can be determined by the market data and is usually determined on the day that the product is purchased.

We use several different valuation techniques, a combination of real-money market price, the weighted average price of competitors in our market, and the price of the current coin on the trading platform.

Our business model is simple and provides us with the opportunity to sell a product (coins that we use for our own use) to the market with minimal profit (around 0.05%). The product is then transferred to a new wallet called Wallet 0, which is owned by the market on our platform.

When users begin using our platform and we receive an amount of trading volume on our exchange, we immediately transfer this volume into Wallet 0 as well, thereby generating more liquidity for our users.

In return for the trading volume, Wallet 0 offers an attractive return on capital and a healthy return on user’s capital.

How does Bitcoin-E price and exchange work at the moment?

Bitcoin-E is the most liquid exchange and has a very fast exchange rate, meaning users can quickly and easily sell for a profit. In total, we have 6 million USD worth of bitcoins. Our exchange rates are listed here:


We are currently focused on expanding our user base and creating more products, and will be adding services as soon as our market can support them. While we are waiting to expand our market, I will be monitoring how our exchange rates change over time and will update here as soon as we have any news about their growth.

Is Bitcoin-E open to a global market?

Of course! Our market

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