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In general, the most expensive item is likely to be a handmade item. More unusual items tend to have higher priced items that aren’t necessarily made from a very high quality object. You’ll have to compare your items to the average price of similar items to figure out how expensive these items are when you compare to the average price of an average handmade item (which could be quite low!)

What is the most expensive item on Etsy?

On Etsy, you will find a variety of different products: vintage-style things, jewelry, or novelty items (usually). They all fall under the category of handmade.

Is jewelry that you sell custom made, or can I just sell it as a handmade item?

Harmony Jewelry requires that you do your own custom work. Many people who have never made jewelry have found that jewelry can be very intricate and intricate work. For example, a vintage hand-painted ring can cost a lot of money! A person could make a ring that looks amazing, is expensive to make, and take a long time. If you are making a custom ring, take a look at our jewelry making checklist. Many people are using this checklist to make their rings look like they have been made for hundreds of years. We’d rather tell you that you can customize your jewelry than you will want to!

Do you offer customized items?
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We don’t ship anything with custom designs on them. We offer handmade products for sale through Etsy, though. If you’re going to be selling something, and want to make it look like you got something custom-made, you’ll have to hire someone else to do it.

Who does your shipping service?

We ship worldwide from our warehouse in Vancouver, which is about 35 minutes away from New York City.

Are free shipping and/or returns offered?

Yes. As of Feb 1, 2017, we offer free shipping or no shipping on many items, if you don’t know the price or want to pay a higher amount. Our prices are based on US shipping rates. It is possible to buy more in stock items from our store and send them via USPS with delivery confirmation, but these are expensive. Instead, if you know the price of your item (or want to pick something up in person at your location to get the shipping costs from USPS), check out our shop policy.

Where can I find out more about our Etsy policies?

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