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I have only been a woodworker for about a year and I have a few years between the time I was a college student and now, but I would love to learn more and get more involved in the craft.

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The following article is awesome. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it

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“It’s like a huge, angry, stupid monster that wants nothing to do with you, so it attacks at random.” – Unknown quote by the author about War Thunder’s new game mode

There was a war: A lot bigger than it needed to be. The war in question, which is commonly known as the war in the skies, was the largest ground combat event in a video game since Halo 3 came out almost seven years later. It was, at its core, an asymmetrical air warfare engagement, with the pilots of the opposing sides flying their aircraft, or rather their planes and their respective ground units, into battle against one another. However, this new war also created a new, new mode!

Now, it’s not only us who are looking at War Thunder from the outside-in – we are also looking at the inside. We look at all the players who have been playing the game in recent years and how, through it all, they continue to develop this amazing and immersive world. We’ve assembled the best and brightest of the community by the thousands and brought them on as regular guest contributors to our Wiki. Now, we present you the first section.

This is not a tutorial! This is not a step into our glorious world of online gaming and multiplayer flight simulators. This is a list of questions to ask yourself, so you know what to expect.

Furniture — West Bend, Wisconsin — West Bend Furniture ...
What makes War Thunder so special?

So, here’s the cool thing: when you are ready to dive in, no tutorial is needed. Everything’s in-game – you can go from beginner to expert pilot in a matter of minutes. There’s a very large and very helpful community with plenty of support.

You can explore the skies and fight alongside other aircraft and ground troops as you please, flying the best planes like the legendary Spitfire, Hurricane, and a number of other very real planes. Or you can try your hand at ground

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