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We like to see wood or acrylic furniture sales in the form of a series of handmade or semi-made furniture items. These are simple and inexpensive but add a bit of personality to the space. A few chairs or coffee tables are all that’s required, and if anyone needs something larger you can easily order that. The items we sell are for use only, we don’t provide warranties or returns, so the more handmade, semi-made or handmade furniture your space needs, the more you get for your dollar.

What else do you offer?

Here’s a few things that other people might want to know:

• If you’ve made your own wood products, we encourage you to send them in our shop! We just prefer that you can see them in your final piece than your finished product so you can make the best decision about exactly what to keep and what to part with.

• We sell in full quantities; we won’t have any short stock or anything that changes quickly. There are lots of other people who will love your work just as much.

• We only use wood. We don’t ship anything other than wood. Don’t fret about being able to use materials that are available online. We stock a wide range of other wood products that can be used in wood items.

• We do not use plastic in any of our products! (If you’re afraid to let a tree down, we do use recycled plastic but don’t encourage you to use it)

• We’re a friendly community – but if you need assistance if you make a mistake with your purchase just let us know and we’ll be glad to help

• We work hard to make sure that we are running a beautiful store in the best way possible!

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while lately, and today the time has finally come to make this decision.

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