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When furniture is in high demand, it sells out, and the number and value of listings goes through the roof. How do you know if your home is hot sellers? Check your Craigslist ads for “sale” properties. If you see a list of new listings in your area or a seller who has been around for a while advertising new homes and a few new items, you know you’ve got a real bargain on your hands.

3. Find Out What Are the Highest Price Guarantees at Your Building

Another thing most of us forget to consider: If your building’s price guarantee is very high, it can indicate that the price is too good to be true. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets burned by a high price guarantee.

While it can be hard to know whether something will sell in your building, it is extremely easy to find out if a price is too high or not high enough. Find out what the building’s “highest price guarantee” is and the guarantees for that range from free housing to high security to free utilities. Then compare it to your own experience or a friend’s. If the guarantees are too high, you might want to think twice about buying in that area. You might find a better deal somewhere else.

4. Check If a “Big-Time” Building Has any Property Management

Property Management can be a real pain if your building lacks some of the basics. For example, property management can be expensive; and it can also take months to get an appointment. Be smart and try to find out the cost of managing a new rental property in a specific area. You might find that you save $$$ and you’ll be able to bring in that much more money later the way you bring in more real estate profits.

5. Keep a Logbook to Guide Every Visit and Use It as a Guide to Buy/Sell

Make sure you always have a full logbook, complete with all transactions, real-time prices, and receipts. It doesn’t hurt to have a separate logbook for each item you buy or sell. Just make sure to keep everything organized and make sure to not double-book it with other types of spending, such as dining out and buying luxury items. Also, keep receipts to compare your buying and selling habits, so you can make sure everything was done properly.

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