What crafts are trending in 2020? – Woodworking Business Cards Ideas

Cake (7% growth)

Skeles (8.7% growth)

Tortas (10% growth)

Shoes (6.9% growth)

Belt & Bag (7% growth)

Ski, Boots (29.9% growth)

Curtains, Mementos (28.9% growth)

Polar bears (12% growth)

Buckles and Bracelets (3.3% growth)

Hands (7.5% growth)

Dress: Top 40 & Sixty (25.6% growth)

Cuffers & Bands (17.7% growth)

Glasses, Glasses & Coats (20.6% growth)

Cards (36.7% growth)

Jewelry (13% growth)

Kits, Jewelry, Masks (12% growth)

The Big Picture

There’s a big picture to look at, with a total of 70,000+ unique products. If you don’t have a big vision of how your business will evolve, there’s no reason to make a plan or put pen to paper.

Instead focus on the steps you can take to create a sustainable, long-term business and you will have a huge advantage in 2015 and beyond.

Steps you can take to create a sustainable long-term business

1. Start by understanding your core mission statement and how customers and customers like it. If you don’t, you won’t do it right.

2. Take the time to understand the true nature of your niche and make sure the items within that niche meet the criteria.

3. Know your customers and know what they think. Make yourself as easy to reach as possible within your niche. Make sure this isn’t just through advertising, promotion or branding as it’s essential to build trust.

4. Build and maintain a consistent brand throughout the year and across your products and services.

5. Set realistic goals. Set realistic benchmarks, set reasonable metrics and be aware of what your competitors are doing in the same space.
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6. Develop a list of tools and services you will need to grow. Use this list to create your business plan.

7. Create a budget. This can help you know where your cash is going.

8. Create or maintain a database

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