What crafts are trending in 2020? – Unique Woodworking Business Opportunities

Bakeries are on their way out. The industry, which currently caters to the wealthy (and very, very bored), will start shrinking.

In the future, what else will there be?

A new kind of business: virtual reality is the next big trend.

When it comes to gaming, Oculus and Sony are already dominating with their VR headsets, while Oculus isn’t even allowed to sell its products in China.

Then there’s the burgeoning space for augmented reality, which will use 3D and/or gesture controls to bring virtual objects into the real world.

The biggest growth opportunity, however, will be in the next stage of personal computing: the Internet of Things.

A lot of things you wear today could soon be worn on your body: you can wear glasses, for example, that collect biometric data on your face.

Or what about an implantable device that collects data on every object that passes by your body? It could tell your doctor everything about how healthy you are.

What is it like traveling between time zones?

While many of us have to travel to the North or get to see movies in Seoul, people in Asia and the Middle East now travel frequently without even stopping at airports or flying. They can leave their homes and take a subway train, and have it arrive in front of them.

On a subway in Seoul, you’ll travel in two different cities: your home train and a metro, to maximize the distance between the two.

The Seoul subway is often full. Some people prefer bus options such as the Blue Line, although many still travel by subway.

A car or bus is just something to go and go, for all of us.

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