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I’m just selling some clothes. I don’t want to give any of the money to charities or to people I don’t know directly.

It appears that this listing was made to raise funds for the Saginaw Mitten Club of the Saginaw area – a local organization providing support and guidance for children and adults with special needs from 1st grade through 15th grade.

Please note: If purchasing through the Mitten Club, the Saginaw Mitten Club of the Saginaw area – a local organization serving Saginaw and surrounding communities as part of Saginaw Area Mitten Club – is requesting only $100 in donations to be used to further the Mitten Club’s mission. Please do your part to help the Saginaw Mitten Club reach their goal by donating on the Saginaw Mitten Club of the Saginaw Area Mitten Club Fund, a direct support fund.

A gift of $100 or more will be used to purchase Saginaw Mitten Club mittens, scarves, mittens in a variety of patterns, gift cards, and more! Don’t forget to check up on the Saginaw Mitten club’s activities and fundraisers.

All proceeds are used towards the following programs:

Mittens For Life Foundation for Children With Diabetes

Saginaw Saginaw High School’s Special Needs Resource Center

Saginaw University’s College of Nursing Education Program

Saginaw University’s Student Housing

Saginaw U.S. Bank

Donate by Mail

Saginaw Mitten Club

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P.O. BOX 455045, Saginaw, MI, 49507 [email protected]

Donate by Telephone

Call 517-284-5555

Mail donations to:

Saginaw Mitten Club

P.O. Box 4426

Saginaw, MI, 49057


P.O. Box 9416

Okemos, Michigan 48076

Donations to the Saginaw Mitten Club may be mailed to:

Saginaw Mitten Club

P.O. Box 1

Saginaw, MI 49057 [email protected]

The following is a complete listing of the events that took place at the upcoming Super Metroid event held during New Year’s Eve, 2016. This list is a work in progress and is being continually updated with new updates

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