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A report by Pwinsider on Wednesday revealed that in addition to Nintendo’s big Wii U reveal, the company is set to reveal a new “Fighter” character at E3, an “Emmet” character, and a “Mew2P” character.

What do they all have in common? Both have a special power.

Mew2P, the third fighter from the main game, will appear in the Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games, which will launch later this year. The character, a purple-haired man, will have a “super punch” where, if he connects with an opponent’s “weak spot” – their head or shoulder – he will cause them to flinch. This power is one of two new moves introduced in the game, the other being the iconic Smash attacks (as demonstrated in the video below).

The fighter appears in a promotional video for the game, which was posted on Nintendo’s YouTube channel last week.

Nintendo will also introduce a “Fighter” character in a sneak peek that has been released for Wii U owners in the Japanese version of the game, which was released early last year.

The fighter isn’t the only new character to hit the Wii U and 3DS platforms before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One do. According to a report by Polygon, “MewtwoP2” is slated to appear in one of the games, for “some unknown reason,” after that report, however.

(CNN) The United Nations’ climate chief said Wednesday that the world’s poorest will be facing water shortages over the next few decades if climate change continues unchecked.

In an interview with CNN affiliate BOSN

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