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The world’s most popular bitcoin trading platform is now offering a new opportunity to investors, as they take advantage of the increased demand and lower prices generated by Bitcoin Gold, the cryptocurrency designed to be a fork of the bitcoin blockchain.

Although this new fork isn’t yet live, those looking to participate should be very aware of Bitcoin Gold’s characteristics, which offer investors the chance to get more return in the form of lower rates. One of the most popular characteristics of Bitcoin Gold is its inclusion of a supply of 1 million Bitcoins, similar to how Bitcoin was created. According to the new website, the new Bitcoin Gold is set to launch sometime next month, and will be distributed to holders to meet the demand.

“The new Bitcoin Gold is an open-source blockchain that enables an unlimited number of forks, with no single company controlling them. That way, the Bitcoin community can decide which fork becomes the next global currency using the technology we’re developing. This is how we believe we can empower Bitcoin more than ever before and build a new network for our community,” the website states.

While most investors aren’t interested in participating in the new Bitcoin Gold forks, those who are, can participate in a pool to earn 50% on up to 20,000 units, as well as get a 50% commission on the entire pool. The new Bitcoin Gold Bitcoin Pool is set to be launched on July 28, 2017.

While Bitcoin Gold is currently the most popular cryptocurrency in circulation, the company has announced that a Bitcoin Gold Gold Token will be used to create new cryptocurrencies for the platform. This is how Bitcoin mining will be done, similar to how previous cryptocurrencies like Ethereum could be mined. However, the new mining mechanism is set to be released after the fork is set to be officially launched, but will take place two years from now.

“If a fork happens before the fork is released, we will use one of the most innovative technologies in the history of money to create this new money and use it for all bitcoin holders, no matter where they live.”

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The team behind Bitcoin Gold has also announced that they are launching a decentralized trading platform called the Bitcoin Gold Exchange. Once the exchange launches, investors will be able to create and trade cryptocurrencies between the various cryptocurrencies currently being traded on the marketplace, as well as purchase and sell gold.

This announcement comes as a major boost to Bitcoin Gold as the cryptocurrency continues to gain more popularity in a bid to regain its spot as

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