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A lot of kids ask me what kind of craft would be in a movie. I tell them “that kid in the playground who was made to play hide and seek by your parents.”

So they ask me about what they should sell to make a movie. “What’s the main activity and where can I see it?”.

And I tell them to come up with this thing they want to see. Maybe they need to buy a dog and they want a big dog but they don’t know what kind. Or you want a book to buy. “Why is the main character going to go to college?” How will you solve all the problems?

But my favourite way to sell people in a movie is to tell about the people! How do they do their job? What are their problems? What’s the movie going to reveal?

I tell them to think about what they want to do: a hobby or a profession. And I think of their character! What does he like or what is he passionate about? Then they’re prepared. I sell it. But I explain things as best I can because it’s not easy to get them to buy it.
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How are you involved in the making of a movie?

I’m involved in every step of making a movie. The money goes to pay for a film producer, who’s responsible for bringing this idea to life. You may do some things yourself but the whole process is a company business. We start with marketing ideas. Then we do research, which is a mixture of researching the film, interviewing people we like, talking to film makers and looking at films. In that time, we have our actors, then we bring our team from the internet and find a project idea. Then we write the script, and we take the movie production to the production stage.

How do you spend our money?

We try to keep our costs lower. We don’t want to spend extra on food or hotel. But we have some of that money and we use it to pay people we hired for various events like conventions, screenings, tours, and more.

How does the making of a film work?

It depends on everyone. We have some people who are directors. The other guys go and tell stories. But we try to have our cast to be independent actors. So they don’t know if they have to say yes to a movie idea.

Can we expect

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