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Not for long. It turns out that in many professions (except those involving the military), the average person spends about one-and-a-half to three years earning a living. And in some occupations — woodworking, for instance — that time can stretch beyond a few years.

Most of the time, Woodworking apprenticeships involve a minimum or moderate level of technical knowledge, apprenticeships for the most part require that you complete a certain number of hours, both practical and theoretical, and the amount of experience varies depending on the type of apprenticeship being undertaken. So, as one might expect with any industry, most of the time a woodworker can earn far more income working part time — usually less than $10 per hour — than in a full-time job.

How long do woodworker apprenticeships last?

The woodworking industry is still in its infancy. When Woodworking magazine (October 1990) surveyed woodworker apprenticeships in 1998, only 40 percent did not require completion of a college degree.

While not much is known about the duration of Woodworking apprenticeship programs, other industry publications and the industry association are both reporting on the success of apprenticeships.

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One year after the first Woodworking magazine article on the Woodworking Industry Apprentice Survey (April 2001), the National Council for Career and Technical Education published “Work for Hire,” an article on the Woodworking Industry Apprentice Survey conducted by the National Council for Career and Technical Education. The survey was designed to identify Woodworker apprenticeship programs throughout the years and to determine trends in how apprenticeships are being created, maintained and promoted.

The publication “Work & Job Careers: A Guide for Job Seekers and Employers,” by the National Council for Career and Technical Education and the woodworking industry association (available from their web site):

The Woodworker Training Center has been providing apprenticeships in the industry for nearly 75 years. This national organization develops, produces and evaluates apprenticeship programs and ensures they are available for the industry.

The National Council for career and technical education (NCCTE) provides free information about apprenticeships, apprenticeship programs and college education in the woodworking and related industries.

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For a full list of Woodworking Industry Apprentice Survey responses, check out “Work & Job Careers” from the

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