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Many have found it to be a rewarding hobby with many great projects and opportunities. However, many who join this craft will never be “in” woodworking and won’t have the time nor motivation to pursue it and it is unlikely to make them any more happy than if they were to work in a shop/shop-like environment. So, who should join – and where should they live?

It will be easy to convince a potential new member that woodworking is not for them – and to leave without any discussion. This is how they will be disappointed.

The fact of the matter is that woodworking is a fantastic career choice and there are many other careers where you would have been far better off if you had just worked in a shop/shop-like environment.

When it comes to choosing a career you will have to choose your career goals carefully, and you will need a solid foundation with which to work towards those goals.

What are some other careers you would like to get in (and work)?

You can download this page (PDF) to get a much more in-depth profile of this hobby. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below.

I’ll be following up the article with more examples and also looking into other areas of woodworking and furniture making.

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