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You betcha. The more handmade you sell, the more likely it is to hit the market. The good news is that you need a little help with that. The process can be a little time consuming, but you can accomplish something big in the small work.

It Starts On The Side

First we need something to work with. Take a look at any small craft store in your town and see whether or not they carry a bunch of items that may be interesting to work from. Do they stock everything that is considered handmade? The answer is no. If you look online or in craft magazine shops you may be able to find an item that is a little more custom made and have that person work on it.

For example: I have a couple of vintage furniture pieces I would like to make. I have decided that I want to make an antique chair and a couple of other items. I would like to get them on a lot of sale from the craigslist listings but the craigslist ads are a bit of a joke.

My first step for this would be to go to a place I know we can sell them on at this rate. I will be working with a guy that does a lot of the same things for sale. One thing he will help me with is getting a catalog that lists items at the market rate for each.

I will show up at the place and make sure he has all the things we would like to make. If I am at another place and I don’t want to waste my time and time going there again, I can say “I don’t want those things, I’ll have to go there in a different day” to the guy that I would like to work with.

I have learned that when I start out I have to keep pushing on myself to start getting the right things. I can’t take a day off anymore. It is so important. You can’t take a day off and try to make one thing or another! In my early business it took me all day to make one thing so I can understand the process better or try to improve on something.
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When you are at the store and you have something you want to make, tell the guy you wanted or need it for. He’ll ask if we can do it. Give him as much information as you possibly can. That means:

What is the name of the piece? This is the person to contact if you want it to be handmade.

How long does it

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