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This page describes two methods of displaying data in Microsoft Excel (excel2000 and Microsoft Excel 2007).

In the first method, data can be displayed as rows of data cells, with individual rows of data cells separated by horizontal lines.

This first approach uses cells containing column headings.

Note that this method applies to all elements in the Excel document, including table cell references and range references, range text in cell references, and cell references in range text.

In the second method, data can be displayed as a list of data cells. Each cell can list data cells, and each data cell can contain data cells.

This first approach uses cells containing an additional header cell.

In this first approach, each row of data, including table cells and range references, lists as many rows as possible of individual data cells; each cell must be displayed as a row.

In this second approach, each cell can list only as many data cells as are within the area where the cell is shown.

Note that this approach applies to the list element in the example.

In Excel 2000, this second option uses an empty list, an empty range, or an empty range.

In Excel 2007, this second option uses an object reference.

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