How much money do Furniture makers make? – Starting A Wood Furniture Business

The average income of furniture makers in Germany is about €7,000.

That compares to around €22,000 on average in Austria, €13,300 in Italy and around €12,400 in the UK. If you’re looking for the cheapest furniture in Germany, our online shop is the place to do it.

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What is furniture made of?

The most common wood and fiber materials used in furniture making are a combination of ash, ash balsa, acacia and mahogany.

Ash is considered to be the wood of the lowest quality and uses a very high rate of chemical pollution. It has been known to cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems when it comes into contact with the environment. This is why it is not used indoors and in very small areas where the air quality is acceptable.

On the other hand if you’d like to know more about how the wood is used to make furniture, check out our Furniture Made of Ash article about the different types of wood.

Some areas of Germany are more prone to bad air pollution than others, which is why these types of woods are often used in furniture making. Check out our infographic for more details on how air pollution affects furniture making. Also, click here to learn more about the health effects associated with pollution in Germany.

The former manager of a company that provided high quality wood for a building’s facade says he lost his job over the company’s use of a material called ‘mixed resin’.

Kris Tompkins, who has been called as prosecution witness by the architects behind the controversial Balfour House scheme says the use of the material has cost him job security.

Speaking on the Today programme, in response to allegations that the house was funded by Arab money, Mr Tompkins said he lost his job.

Kris Tompkins (left) speaking with his wife Sarah (right) at Balfour House

He said that his company Woodlands in London was a ‘very small company’ and that he ‘absolutely’ believed the house was part of a larger scheme ‘and there is no reason whatsoever’ why he should be losing his job over it.
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Mr Tompkins refused to say precisely how much he lost over his contract to build Balfour House, but said the amount was likely to be ‘much lower than

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