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All furniture makers are required by legislation to pay tax and to declare all of their income (mainly income from business) and to record this on the register. The number and amounts of items declared in the register are very large. In general, this shows what the amount of revenue they are receiving.

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The tax treatment of furniture

In general

For furniture makers in England, Northern Ireland and Isle of Wight, their income will be declared on the Register of Business Interests. Furniture maker income from business dealings, however, will be declared as business profits, which are recorded on the Companies’ Register or a similar register. Also, the profit from selling a product, or a service, which does not involve the making of an income is not included in the income of a business, so income from selling products and services, or receiving consultancy commissions, are often excluded from business income. For this reason, the tax on these sources of income for furniture makers is likely to be small.

For furniture masons, their income will be declared on the Register of Business Interests or a similar register. In particular, certain classes of masons pay a rate of 25% tax on their business income and a rate of 8% on profit from a business dealing with timber and non-wood products. However, they may be able to declare a smaller rate on their business income. Also, for a limited period they may be able to declare a lower rate of 7% on their business income. They can also declare a small amount as rental income.

For building installers and plumbers, their income will be declared on the Register of Business Interests to ensure that the rate of tax paid is no less than the rate payable on certain other business incomes. These forms of income are taxed at a lower rate which may reduce the amount of business income that could be declared so the amount of income required to be declared is lower.

It may be possible for some other industries like pharmaceuticals and mining to declare small amounts of these businesses income, but in this case they will face very different tax rates. See the section on ‘Business income’ on our website for details about how the different rates apply to these industries.

In general, if any part of the business income was not declared on the Register or tax register, it will not be subject to tax since there was no taxable income available.

In Scotland only certain forms of income

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