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Wood sign making is a simple craft and we’ve got loads of tips on how to make them that will definitely make you a wood sign expert.

Making signs and doing it in a way that allows me to learn new skills is hard work that requires lots of practice. That’s where wood sign making fits in for me. My skill is developing skills to get better at wood signs, the signs I make here are for those wanting to get on the DIY craft boat.

I have been making wood signs for 8 years now and I’ve recently decided to put a halt on it for the current year. I’ve decided that I’m more productive and more successful when doing something new and different.

I’ll keep writing articles as I make new signs and also keep updating them when I’ve made more signs.

To see how I make my marks and the different styles of wood signs check out one of my favourite pages on wood signs.

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When we last saw the Star Wars movie set at Hoth, the Rebel base had barely entered the forest, and the Millennium Falcon was being piloted by Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Now, Disney has released several photos from a new set from the upcoming Han Solo movie that was filmed this past October.

As we mentioned last month, Disney released two new images in September showing Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon taking off from Hoth, and another one showing what looks to be the Millennium Falcon in space and flying towards Tatooine.

This new picture is from a new set of shots at Hoth. The images show various things from Hoth that have been changed (as it is not currently in the film that stars Harrison Ford as Han Solo). The large forest canopy, for instance, has been removed and replaced with a more open setting with trees all around. There are some new and familiar looking pieces of weaponry including Han’s X-WING-shaped laser sword in this shot.

This first look at what it will look like in full production has been released (above) and we are looking forward to more information in the coming weeks. For now, check out the images of the set below.

You don’t need to be a scientist to know that the number of deaths caused by lightning strikes in the U.

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