How do you price homemade furniture? – Clever Woodworking Business Names

How do you price the work you do? How do you price your time? What should we expect when we buy from you?

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It’s all very confusing with DIY furniture because people have different ideas about what’s right and wrong, and that’s the problem. I believe that when a person buys from You’re Worth It they get value for their time, even if it costs them extra and it feels “wrong” to them. They get a good price for knowing when they’re buying right, or if a person’s work is worth it. They get quality without spending “a lot of time” trying to find it. They get the experience that comes with the DIY work and are well-informed on how to buy from a reputable source, since they’re the ones who’ll eventually sell their stuff.

Here’s a picture of the workshop I built for my mother-in-law. You’re Worth It was built for the same work.

If you buy from You’re Worth It and you live long enough, you run into each other at least 20 times a year and you chat about everything. You have a deep friendship that you’ve developed through building stuff together, and you’re sharing ideas with every other buyer who visits You’re Worth It. It doesn’t matter where you buy at: there’s something to learn from each experience and each member of the community. You can expect You’re Worth It to make you a better person.

Websites like Your Worth It are great for people like me — you’ll never know how far along you’ve gotten until you start buying the next set of tools. I think it’s cool if you’re a beginner with limited carpentry skills like myself, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you can jump into the larger world of furniture building.

Websites like You’re Worth It are great for people like you — you’ll never know how far along you’ve gotten until you start buying the next set of tools.

The “buy it here” ads on Craigslist might look the same, but they’re not really the same because the work you see on those sites is not the same work you see at Your Worth It. It’s not as expensive or as complicated. The materials aren’t from the same manufacturer or that you’ll never see again. It’s handmade. It’s not necessarily the most expensive way to build a house or the easiest to use.

You’re Worth It can be really intimidating, but I want you to know that I

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