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Well, the easiest way is to use the right pattern.
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It’s not always obvious, but the design of your furniture affects the size it will take up. If the design is asymmetrical and there is an overhang or two in the middle of the piece, your piece will be taller and bulkier than one with the exact same shape.

The design of your home can also mean the size of your pieces. You might think a sofa is small, but is it still okay to fit it in a bathroom? Or maybe a bed. Or an armchair? Maybe you get an armchair for a small room, and you might not want one big enough to fit on the whole front of your room, and the other chairs are small enough to fit in the corner… and so on.

All of you have seen this before. You have a giant bed with big pillows in one corner, and smaller ones behind (or to the side). This gives your wall a nice, flat profile and keeps it from looking too much like the whole house has been reduced to a giant pile of rags. (And, of course, you are totally right.)

Let’s try this again. You have a kitchen with a big table to the right and a smaller one at the left. The larger one is the right side table, and the one you want is the left!

You might think, “Well that works perfectly, since the smaller one is on the left!” Let’s make it work.

You can either go to the store and pick up a pattern to cut yourself, but don’t just use a pattern you see sitting on the shelf (or an online pattern), because that might not be the right shape, or the pattern might be too irregular or complicated. You might also get some other pattern, and go from there, but be sure to be sure that it’s the correct shape and not the wrong one.

Or, you can put together a list of furniture size patterns that would work for you. They will tell you how big a table you need, and how tall you need to get the armchair on the right side. Once you take the measurements, you can figure out how to get it designed exactly.

But, if you can’t wait to get to that point, here are several DIY projects you can try to build. These things may work in your particular room, but may not suit your specific needs. These may be better for certain pieces… and

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