How do you become a master carpenter? – Best Home Woodworking Business Ideas

In 1882 a Swedish carpenter named Gustafsson Kjeller wrote an book called The Master Carpenter. In this book Kjeller presents a theory of self-training that can make any amateur carpenter a master carpenter. This theory is the origin of the term craftsmanship.

Kjeller claims that this craftsmanship consists in learning to learn. Kjeller says his theory of self-learning is that you can learn as many things as you want to learn, but each one of them will require your own skill level and patience. So you will either have to find a good teacher who also teaches you to learn or you can learn by yourself.

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It would be helpful that Kjeller gives the example of using a book to teach yourself to use a hammer. So you first learn to use the hammer and then learn how to pick up a hammer. Then you learn to use a hammer when you aren’t using it and so on and so on. All these things that are learned by the person who uses the hammer will require some level of self-taught skills.

But this is all about self-learning and not actual skill. Skill is defined as being the knowledge of how to do something in order to do something else. To learn a skill you have to acquire a skill of doing something in order to learn something else. For example, if we learned how to make a book, we would definitely have a book of books of how to make books. So, when the person who makes the book learns how to make a book, he learns how to make books. When he learns how to make them, he acquires the knowledge of making books. So, Kjeller is able to teach anyone to learn how to learn skills by using a book.

The importance of the book as Kjeller has stated

Kjeller thinks that books are a great teacher. But that is not exactly what I am talking about. I mean, just look at a book. That is a book with a series of instructions for you to follow. That book doesn’t tell you how to go to London. That book doesn’t teach you how to learn how to cook. That book doesn’t teach you how to play the piano. That book doesn’t teach you anything. But, for all practical reasons, that book is a great teacher. You only learn how to learn a lot of things that you can acquire by yourself. That book will show you everything. You will learn

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