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Start on a budget, you can buy tools at a store and get some ideas for furniture from craigslist. You can also try wood working websites for tips. There are also some great blogs out there about small hobby projects. A good reference will be your craft blog to see what you’ve done so far… I’d be happy to give you more information on your project.

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The city of Fort Wayne is suing the owner of a popular downtown hotel, alleging its owner has been operating a business without a license, and it would take away her livelihood if the suit is upheld.

The city filed the legal document on Friday, Oct. 6, but the filing was not immediately made available and was posted on the city’s website Thursday evening.

It alleges the hotel owner, Mark Zalesky, has been operating an unlicensed motel and club called The Lighthouse. While an owner’s license is in effect, businesses must obtain permission from the city before operating on city property, according to the document.

The city asserts that Zalesky may not have been operating without a license, and that his business was unlicensed.

On Thursday evening, The Lighthouse posted a message on its Facebook page stating that it had no comment, because the case is being settled out-of-court with Zalesky and the lawsuit and trial were expected to take place soon.

Tribune reporter David Brown contributed.

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