How do I start a small woodworking shop? – Rustic Woodworking Business Names

If you wish to start your woodworking shop as a small, yet sustainable business, you’ll need to learn the basics first. Beginners with little or no woodworking experience need to focus on building an early foundation in woodwork, such as:

Selecting a small workspace to store and transport your tools

Installing a solid foundation to hold your tools in place

Identifying your woodworking tool base

How to take off the top and bottom of your work surface to build a proper work surface

The best place to start is at:

Your local lumberyard

There are many options at local lumberyards to choose from to build your woodworking shop. The most popular in most parts of the United States are:

The woodworker’s friend

If you don’t have access to your local lumberyard, you can also check out some of the local online woodworking suppliers. Some of these online suppliers are free to use, but they can’t give you a personal quote and charge you money to ship your items. This will leave you with a very limited amount of time to build your first shop, but your first shop will be an essential resource for many years. Once you have built a good shop in your area, visit for a free consultation on selecting the perfect tool and finishing materials.

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