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Backing up the plan? Check out our guide which includes a complete list of table saw tips and tricks.

Can I purchase a table saw online?
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No, we don’t offer this option. However, a few local stores do.

How can I get advice about buying a table saw online?

We’re happy to help!

Will the table saw work well for my project?

The plan will show you most projects will need a table saw capable of chopping. Many homeowners use this table saw because of the size of the blade, which enables them to cut a narrow or wide board easily, which can then be used for a wide variety of projects.

How long will the table saw warranty last?

We will repair any defective table saw and replace your part with the right one. Our warranty, however, does not include the labor costs to build the table saw for you.

Why did the machine break? I had a warranty, why didn’t I get a replacement?

When an appliance fails, we will replace your appliance with one that has a shorter lifetime. However, we would prefer you purchase a new appliance with us.

How can I be sure I will receive the best service?

We know there can be a lot of time between your purchase and receipt and we want you to know we are committed to excellence.

Can I ask for more information on parts that can make a table saw more effective?

We welcome your suggestions and have a lot of fun figuring out where our table saw expertise is going.

Does your table saw have a built-in cordless drill?

Yes, our table saw will work with a cordless jack. We are currently only offering this option on a limited basis.

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