How do carpentry skills make money? – How To Advertise A Woodworking Business

“Carpentry is very profitable and the business opportunity is huge. I had a client in the last four months who was making $2,000 a day from the carpentry skills that he learnt.”

You may have heard of this phenomenon where people are making money on carpentry skills. There are countless examples available online.

“The most famous example I know is when a friend of mine was making $120 a week from the carpentry he learnt on YouTube,” Mr Cui told Business Insider Australia.

“He started in the US in a friend’s house and now has an established company that has clients in many other countries, some in Europe and Asia. He also offers carpentry training in China.”

The number one source for those looking to learn carpentry is YouTube. The platform provides many different types of carpentry courses.

“It’s also easy to find videos on YouTube where they’re teaching you how to do any different jobs. You even start with carpentry — that’s how I started learning what to do on the home renovation front.”

Mr Cui added that the majority of people who learn carpentry get into it so they can work on their own property or they just like the idea of being a DIY ninja.

“Many people say it’s the next great job or something to do if you want to earn a lot of money. It’s not all about money, there were people who couldn’t find a job and started their own carpentry business. They had to start by doing repairs on the house and then they could add other activities to it — like painting, decorating or using the house as a bar on weekends and holidays.”

If you’re still confused about whether it’s a great career, Mr Cui said some people want to be a chef or a carpenter or a mason and that’s okay if you want to build something.

“Just be creative and enjoy your hobby.”

“If you want to gain expertise and make your own products, go for it.”

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