How can I do woodworking without a shop? – How To Start A Small Carpentry Business Plan

I’ll be using some tools I picked up at a shop when I did my first woodworking workshop, so you can use them to build your own furniture.

If you don’t already own any tools, a set of woodworking tools could save a ton of time.

You can get a nice set of basic tools and build a table, bench or workstand out of them. You can get even more powerful tools from hardware stores, or they don’t cost much at all.

Don’t forget that the shop is still a great place to get started in woodworking, too: get advice from other makers, visit a local furniture maker in your area, talk to friends about other things that interest you, and watch a lot of videos online.

Where can I get a set of saws or a handplane?

I’m actually a huge fan of the hand saw and the sanding box, because they can really speed up my process.

There is a good tutorial on how they work on this site: Woodworking on the Edge. Here’s the link if you’re interested in how their woodworking process works.

There are plenty of free online woodworking tutorials, too.

I have a lot of supplies at home. What should I buy?

Before you start your woodworking project, you’ll probably need to have these things:

You can get everything you need for free, like:

Tools and basic tools for woodworking

Furniture making supplies, like chair backs and bench tops

Woodworking equipment, like router-cutters and drill press



You’ll probably also need these:

You can’t start a project, buy, or make anything unless heres something.

You’ll need an instruction manual and maybe a little instruction from someone you trust.

You might also need a set of tools that you need:

Some kind of measuring tool

A drill

A hand plane

Something to set that drill and plane or set of tools

And a place to keep track of how it’s all going, even though you don’t have to keep an inventory.

But we’ll get back to that soon.

What can I use a saw or a hand plane for?

You can’t build a great bench or table without a solid bench, so you’ll need to consider a table saw, hand plane

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