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If your woodworking is part of your day to day life, you don’t need a shop. If your woodworking is a hobby, it is important to bring it to the shop to make all of your cuts. If you work from home, bring it from the shop. If you want to learn about woodworking, make it a part of your daily life.

Here is a brief list of some of the tools you’ll need when learning and practicing the art of woodworking:


I’ve purchased wooden cutting ramps made from a variety of materials but have found that most people use cheap cardboard and pine to make their woodworking workbenches.

I make my own workbenches using a piece of cardboard that I buy at the hardware store and a piece of wood that I scrape. Each cabinet includes two drawer/side cabinet doors, one top drawer, and three drawers. I use three of these shelves to hold and store tools and materials while I make my cutting bench and my bench board. The drawer/side cabinet doors I make are made from four 3/4 inch wide, long wooden planks and two 3/8 inch wide, long wooden planks.

After all of those tools have been placed in their spots on the shelf, I use a wooden table saw to cut the front cabinet door. I then cut the four drawer/side cabinet doors next.

After cutting all of the doors and cutting the top cabinet door, I place the top drawer on the worktop and mark with chalk where my countersurfaces will go. I set those countersurfaces on the bottom cabinet doors, and use wood screws to attach the top drawer to the cabinet door tops.

Now all my doors, top drawer, and countertops are covered in woodworking stuff.

There are also good DIY wooden cutting ramps out there. I bought a small one that I bought for a couple of bucks. It is pretty handy and I keep it on my counter top. I am also a fan of using maple as my woodworking finish.


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Do you have any other questions about woodworking or woodworking gear? Please let me know in a comments below.

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