Can you make money selling furniture on Etsy? – Woodworking Businesses

I don’t even do that at all. It’s really the same thing as how we got started with Etsy. I was in a similar situation to this one. And Etsy basically said, “We don’t have any money in the bank at the time, but let’s meet up and see what we can do together.” And that’s pretty much how that happened. I said it’s a cool idea, I’d like to do it and they said you could, but I had to come up with a budget and we met over dinner and came up with a budget and that’s all that’s ever happened. So that’s how that happened. I’ve been doing the same thing since at least 2011 with most of my stuff right now. I still work for an online furniture shop called Elegant Home. It’s just online-only, but my website’s a little bit different because I’m selling a lot of my original work and I just work a lot with my Etsy store. So it’s a small house with a lot of things on it, but my goal has always been to sell my stuff for a living and make good money selling things. I get a lot of great feedback when I’m selling on Etsy, though, people that really know what they’re doing and what I’m trying to do. It’s hard not to go over there again now on Etsy.

How was the experience of creating your furniture?

I do my own fabrication, so when I make a piece I’ll basically be taking someone else’s fabric and then modifying it to be something different. I’ve had pieces that have literally been off the shelf when I was designing it already, I’m not making a whole new piece right after we go through the motions. It kind of feels a little bit like the old days with my furniture. You go through these kinds of iterations and then you see what it is that you like, or what the best fit is and you go back to making it. I just start a new project and if somebody comes with a quote and then wants to make me a matching pair or an even if you think a lot of people are thinking of something and you want to change your opinion and make them change their opinion, then the next project is gonna be a challenge, but with all my pieces, I’m kind of in the studio, so I can sort of go there and not have to worry about selling something. It’s not like there is somebody sitting at my table looking at it and saying, ”

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