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The first thing to know about the ‘new school’ of game development is this: it is not the ‘old school’ as we might have assumed. The ‘new school’ of game development, however, has not just changed with the times.

This new school of game development is the one that focuses on the ‘experience’ aspect by taking a game development perspective, rather than an ‘indie’ or ‘traditional’ one. This doesn’t mean that all games will be made in the same fashion, but that the way we approach game development at ‘new school’ level or above is likely to be more closely aligned to a traditional model.

But where did the old school game development trend come from exactly?

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The traditional development model

Before discussing this new model of game development, we need to go back to the basics of game development, which I mentioned in my previous article about the ‘new school’.

As with all aspects of game development, the main concern in game development is a business model first, and then the game itself. There are always two sides to the coin:

The business model of a game should be based on what you actually want to sell the game, not that of the business.

The game should be as easy to use as possible.

I’ll go through some examples of game development models, showing both from a business design perspective and a games development point of view.

Business model: I want to make sales of my game.

This business model is a straightforward one, since it is based on the desire of the developer to make profit.

In order to make good profits, you need to make money out of your development effort:

You create a product (game).

We’ll talk more about the business model of a game in another article.

Game is playable in small amounts.

This business model is something that is really easy to understand. It’s a business model that says, ‘I want to make a game that’s easy to get into and can make money in small amounts’. So, if there’s a market niche where it might work, that market niche is going to be that niche.

Now let’s go back to that business model. This isn’t the only way in which people might create a game, and this is

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