Can you make money selling furniture on Etsy? – Good Woodworking Business Names

[14:09:30] The most I ever really got paid for someone telling me some crazy, unimportant, fact that was probably wrong was $400 for one weekend [14:09:45] The most I ever made was $100 [14:09:50] Most of my day job is working for the government. I didn’t make $400 for saying something crazy [14:10:10] *** cfields___ did not respond to pingbacks. *** [14:19:25] ErikJ: you make money from selling things too [14:19:37] But not enough to cover the other expenses [14:19:38] That’s a good thing? [14:20:01] ErikJ: I’m really surprised you’re in your late 30’s or early 40’s [14:20:13] Eh, maybe. [14:20:22] My friends and I were in the navy for 9 years. [14:20:26] I have a ton of friends that do [14:20:34] Yes [14:20:39] But that’s no reason to stop selling stuff I make. [14:20:44] But I am working as a contractor on the US government as a “special advisor” to the secretary of defense [14:20:49] (I can have jobs doing other things too, like teaching or other things) [14:20:56] So that’ll cost more money though [14:21:02] No, I think you have to sell stuff that I make too. [14:21:04] (I’m good in that area; I’ve got good connections) [14:21:09] But people have other things they need done [14:21:18] But they get paid more for it [14:21:24] That’s what I do for the rest of
We’re looking for woodworkers who’ve “had it” with today’s ...

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