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Sure. I’ve been making furniture for 20 years. I’ve worked at a number of different places. I have a warehouse and I do a lot of shipping out of the warehouse. My clients are primarily people that work in the transportation industry so I get a lot of stuff shipped to clients. People need shipping containers so I’ll bring those to them, and I can make some stuff in the back of my truck. I can also make some stuff out of whatever I’m carrying, so I do that mostly. I can also make some things with wood from my truck. There are some things I really like working on, like with fiberglass, so we do some work on fiberglass parts of everything we make.

Your first two books were published by Ace in the Hole magazine. What was the process like to develop an audience for your work?

The big difference from the two previous books was the fact that I just did it so quickly without having any of my previous knowledge. When I read an article in the local paper that I wanted to put up there, I went out and started researching just to figure out what was out there, because I had a long time ago done the same thing I did, but I didn’t have any experience with it. So I made all of that research and then I didn’t have the time to put it up in another place. I also wanted to be very clear that I’m not an “author” in any sort of sense. That just happens to be what my book is called, since that is what I do, for instance, when I talk about how I make things. So it was a much easier task for me to find the right person to work with. A great opportunity came about after I started telling people that there would be more to the project when I came out with my first two books, since the book sales have been just going up again and now I get the opportunity to sell more books.

You have a huge audience outside of your home on Kindle, thanks in part to your involvement with the Kindle Unlimited program. Can you give us a bit of insight on how this worked for your book sales?

What I tell them is that if they’ve been to my site, that they probably know about the original website. I told them about the Kindle Unlimited program because for a lot of people it seems like a huge leap to give something up. I thought I’d bring out a book, and if it sells the first couple of weeks, then

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