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A: Nope!

Q: Do you still like to watch TV?

A: Not really. There are TV shows I watch on occasion, but the biggest shows I watch are movies.

Q: Do you play golf?

A: I play it a lot, but I’m not really a huge golf player. If it takes me a while to get into a groove, I will just find another hobby that brings out my fun instead. I am a total gamer so if there’s something I can play it’s video games or a card game.

Is a California corner as strong as 3 or 4 stud corner ...
Q: Have you seen any action movies in the last few years?

A: Oh yeah! There’s a lot. As a matter of fact, I was watching the new Deadpool movie when I wrote the script in 2006. At that point, nothing got me excited about that movie. I didn’t believe it. Then we did a few of those movies, and things progressed from there.

Q: What do you get in return for writing the script for the Deadpool movie?

A: You get to shoot the part.

Q: What is it like getting called to play Cable?

A: The first thing I heard when I wrote the script was “Cable is a super-villain.” Then the studio called me up and said, “We’re really into your script, so we wanted you to audition.” So I wrote a few things for the movie, and then the studio called me back and asked, “You guys want me to get a bigger part in ‘Deadpool’.” So I wrote the part a few days later, then the movie started shooting. So that was really cool. So I’d say my acting experience has been in small parts and films that didn’t get a lot of traction; but since I’ve been writing about movies, I’ve written some really cool roles that have made a big splash in big movies (Hercules, Iron Man, Thor).

Q: Do you have any favorite films?

A: Well, I like the new Fast & Furious, which is not my most favorite film. But I do love the action movies in general, even more than the superhero movies. And the stuff I do in theater is pretty damn good as well.

Q: What are you doing next?

A: So I’ve been working on a script called The First (laughs). It’s an action-thriller set in the

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