What is the best way to lose belly fat? – Weight Loss Meds That Really Work

The best option is to do nothing. Try not to eat sugar. Cut off your sugar intake completely. If you can do that for one week and then cut down to your usual calories, it’s probably okay. Do cardio, or lift weights.

But if you’re doing nothing and not gaining any weight, your fat accumulation just won’t be going anywhere.

Is there anything I can do about the weight loss?

Well, no. At least not anything you can do right away. The body isn’t going to make this switch fast enough. Instead, you need to build up lean muscle mass and then start working on the fat loss.

AUSTIN, Tex. – University of Texas coach Charlie Strong has made no secret of his desire to hire a new offensive coordinator, and an intriguing name recently emerged as a potential option.

Strong was interviewed last week by the Houston Texans, according to multiple sources, which left many wondering if Strong’s next move would be to bring on the Houston Texans’ new offensive coordinator.

“I’m not saying Charlie Strong was talking with Bill O’Brien,” one source said, “but if it’s Bill O’Brien, Charlie is very open to it.”

When asked about the Texans’ interest in the position a week after Strong was in Texas, Strong had no issue with being linked to the possibility of working with a former assistant.

“You can’t tell the other side,” he said. “Let’s face it, I’ve never talked to Bill O’Brien about anything.”

However, one source told the Associated Press on Monday that Strong was considering the Houston situation as a stepping stone to a job inside the Longhorns’ structure. One other source said Strong was expected to interview for offensive coordinator shortly after the Texans’ Week 17 bye Sunday.

Strong is 5-0 against Big 12 opponents with the Tigers, which is a plus when looking at the rest of the conference.

If Strong’s target is on Texas, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear him go after a defensive coordinator if the Longhorns need to step up their defense.

Strong made the following comments when asked if a defensive coordinator is a consideration for him.

“If we have a vacancy, I’d hire my buddy coach D. Jameill Showers. I like him a lot. He’s very well respected in his profession as well,” Strong said. “But I’m never leaving the building and I’m never

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