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“It’s not that people can’t lose body fat. It’s that many people can’t lose body fat for a sustained period without losing all the good muscle,” says Kaptchuk.

But what about exercise? This is where there’s a big difference between science and what we’ve seen on TV.

Scientists are very clear on this point. “Slimming is the combination of exercise, diet, and nutrition.” And that is where the science lies — both about exercise and the specific ways that exercise is done throughout the day.

“The best way to lose weight and get stronger — without sacrificing your health or your body composition — is to do more of what we consider aerobic exercise,” says Kaptchuk. “And to do that consistently you have to get your daily caloric intake up to 300 to 350 calories more than you’re burning for your activity without losing muscle mass.”

So a diet that was based on a diet of lots of pasta and rice may do not produce sustainable results if you’re trying to lose fat.

Which foods provide most of the necessary calories per day for weight loss?

The USDA says that a low-fat and calorie balanced diet, low-protein but high-carbohydrate diet, moderate protein intake and appropriate snacks are the keys for weight loss.

“A good place to start is trying to avoid saturated fats from animal products,” says Kaptchuk. “Saturated fat does increase triglycerides and the risk of developing coronary artery disease. So keep your diet simple and include foods with fewer carbs to keep your blood sugar balanced and calories in check.”

Drink up!

If you are working towards that goal, you’re better off working out before you start to do the big meal planning.

The reason? According to Kaptchuk, eating a calorie dense snack before a workout is the same as eating too many calories — no matter what you’re doing.

“If you’re on such a diet that you eat lots of calories while you’re working out, your stomach contents are not going to shift into an area that will help you feel full or feel satisfied, so that you’re not likely to get fitter or leaner by eating a smaller snack or taking it easy,” says Kaptchuk.

So be careful where you choose to eat food at and stick to foods that don’t contain added sugars, refined, refined oils or artificial flavor.

Keep working

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