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Moonface is the name given to a family of stars that are not normally visible from the Earth (because of the Earth’s gravitational pull). This is the case for some stars with bright photospheres, which can sometimes be seen with the naked eye, but are typically not seen in many different areas. Some of these stars may be visible in the late evening sky. In places, where the moon only gives light at the right height for a faint moon face or no lunar light at all, the star may simply look like a “wispy” point of light. However, the “moon” star will be visible in many parts of the sky because it is close to Earth and bright.

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Moonface is most prominent at the night of New Moon, but even after New Moon, moonface stars will still be visible in the same sky until about one week later, usually on a full moon. Moonface stars are not usually very bright, but they are often seen in the constellation Orion. However, even though moon face stars are not as bright as in a full moon, they are often quite near the bright stars of the night sky.

What is the reason for the name Moonface?

People often think that moonface is a reference to “wispy”, moon-like figures, but this was actually the name of an early star and now-classic name for Mercury. This star, known to the ancient Greeks as Mimas and to the ancient Egyptians as Thebes, was probably a binary star, a star in binary configuration: one (mimetic) part (a star) was closer away from the sun (mach-) than the other half-mimetic parts (a star). When a binary star was discovered in 1901 (a finding which was heralded by British astronomer Arthur Eddington as making the discovery of the “best known” planet), it became known simply as “Moon.”

But “Moonface” was derived from “moon”, and its star was Mimas, a binary star with a companion (a star more distant) that was “wider” in the sky than the other half-mimetic portions of the star. This star was not a binary, so there is no reference to “mimetic part” to describe it, but its two-body configuration, two stars closer to the sun, was very similar to the “moon” star (not so much because Mimas is “wider” but because of its greater distance

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