What is a healthy waist size? – How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

If you were to stand in an airport, you’d stand much taller in clothes that had an ideal, waist that was within a few inches of your natural waist size.

A standard measure of how tall someone should be tall in clothing is to take two measurements of the upper chest area. The two measurements can be:

the tape measure

the doctor prescribed waist measurement

The doctor-prescribed measurement should be around mid-thigh or slightly below (or sometimes even above) your natural waist size. Some people may have a natural waist but it could be slightly smaller than it was last week.

Some measurements of the upper (or ‘butt’) area are also helpful for predicting a healthy waist. If you have a wide torso, like a woman with a wide stomach, you can usually estimate the size of the lower part of your torso. This is often a measurement where the person lies on their back, so a wide chest area and a small lower part are usually easy to tell apart. By this measure it is also generally safe to assume that one must be a healthy weight or even moderately overweight.

The waist circumference

A measurement of the waist circumference tells you the waist size of the body. The waist circumference can be measured in a number of ways:

on a bra tape

on a garment

on a body-weight scale (weight in kilograms). A measurement below what is considered normal is usually a warning sign that someone is overweight or underweight.

How is my waist measured?

To get your waist measured, you’ll usually need to wear a tape measure to mark the widest part of your waist. The easiest way to do this is to tape a piece of newspaper (or another item that’s at least 10cm (4 inches) square) at the narrowest point.

Measure a normal waist size at about mid-thigh, in fact anywhere on the body that you’d consider ‘moderately small’. Your measurements should be about the same width as a shirt button.

How is my waist size calculated?

The BMI (body mass index) is one measure of body fatness. It takes the total width of the torso minus about 50% of your thigh measurement. For example, a woman with a BMI of 25 would lose about 1.4kg (2.5lb) of body fat on average over her adult life.

How can I tell my waist size from the BMI (or other measures

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