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One of the problems with the popular myth that all fats make people fat is that most research has concluded there is no good reason to believe that this is the case, even though they do.

Many fats are known to increase inflammation in the body, and for some reason these studies conclude that a lot of fat is not better for us than a few extra grams of carbs, but as usual, the research is not the final word. Some research has shown some benefits from a low-fat diet and some has shown no impact.

Even at the highest levels, some people are likely to be better off on low-fat options with more exercise and low sugar and saturated fat intake because these are the nutrients in foods that make you look and feel healthy.

Some fats are known to reduce insulin levels, which has been shown to reduce some negative health effects.

A good diet rich in healthy fats can help to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes if you make healthier choices, including exercise.

But we do not need to be happy with our current way of eating just to do good. There is a healthy way to eat that doesn’t require a high level of dietary fat. Just take one step out of the path.

Is there a way around the lipids myth?

If you were a researcher looking for the reasons to believe that fatty foods cause body fat, you would be asking the question ‘Which fats?’

Fats are known to increase platelet aggregation resulting in fatty tissue damage leading to insulin sensitivity, which leads to the rise of cholesterol which leads to low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels, and more.

There have been many studies looking at this, including by our own nutritionists (like Maryn McKenna).

What about trans fat?

Trans fat is found in some baked goods, pastries and snacks and it is often used in place of other monounsaturated fats in a low-saturated fat snack, especially if it can be substituted for the fat in a meal.

What about butter?

Although they are called edible oils, butter actually contains trans fatty acids, just like eggs. Trans fatty acids are not found in nature and are chemically different from polyunsaturated fat.

This is why butter has been classified as a dietary fat and can have a higher fat content if it is mixed with fat.

In my opinion, people are over-confident in how “good” butter

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