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The first, and most obvious question, is how much fat is in your face when you’re awake? A recent study in the journal Cell Metabolism found that while you’re sleeping, your cells make no fat. Why? Because the cells are not absorbing what’s in our bloodstream. “If the cells are not absorbing all of these glucose molecules, the cells are not going to make any fat—their only function is to make sugar and hormones such as insulin,” said Rami Yaghi, a professor of neurobiology and molecular genetics at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine and director of the Penn Diabetes Center.

The most obvious question, however, is how much fat is in your face when you’re awake? (The answer is, about 15 percent, but we’ll get to that in a second.)

It’s a question we still don’t have answer to, says Yaghi. Now, the answer is that your fat tissue is made for eating when you’re awake. “The cells use the energy generated by eating food for doing other things such as generating new neurons and muscle. So it’s not just liposuction or lipofilling. Some of these things are also lipoprotein lipase,” Yaghi said.

What about when you aren’t asleep? While lipofilling might not affect your lipid metabolism as much when we’re awake, it still does. “There are a lot of cells that are in sleeping mode. So when you wake up, some of those cells are still in sleeping mode.”

What else can make your face heavier?

Yaghi has been studying the effects of insulin on lipids and he has a theory about why it can make people seem heavier. “Insulin works in the blood to control lipoprotein metabolism.”

And that’s not an exaggeration, he says, given other studies that show that you’re actually heavier after you eat when you’re on insulin.

“What if every cell in that area of the face is insulin-producing?”

As for why you might gain weight when you have insulin in your blood, you might have excess fat in your abdominal area. “What if every cell in that area of the face is insulin-producing?” Yaghi asked.

“Well, that’s certainly my experience as well,” he said, laughing.

Yaghi said that he would recommend anyone with insulin problems to follow a ketogenic diet (a form

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