What foods help burn belly fat? – Weight Loss Journey Names

Eat your food

When you start eating a healthful diet full of whole foods, you will likely notice immediate improvements in your overall health and weight.

A small, medium or larger portion of your food should be the first food that you eat each day.

Your body will automatically make this portion part of your daily diet while you eat it (your body’s reward system).

Once you eat the majority of your food every day, you will notice a gradual decrease in your belly fat.

In most cases, your body will be able to adapt and break down the rest of your food to make you lose weight.

Avoid eating in the evening

Many people report that eating after 8PM reduces their belly fat, with no loss in body fat.
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This may be because your body breaks down the most efficient forms of fat into smaller and less efficient forms.

If you are trying to lose fat, avoid eating in the evening as you have already burned most of it for energy.

Don’t smoke

Smoking is not beneficial for weight loss because it makes your metabolism less efficient.

While you will see increases in your fat-burning metabolism depending on how much you smoke, those increases are minimal or negligible compared to the gains you will have from healthy dieting

Don’t overeat

Eating fat with less health benefit than calories from protein or carbohydrates has been proven to increase heart disease risk.

Don’t take in high amounts of fat while working out

If you are not eating enough to burn belly fat as fast as possible, your heart is going to break down the fatty materials instead (fatty acids make cholesterol).

This is where you will quickly burn out and get unhealthy fat on your body.


Exercise is good for your overall health because it causes your body to produce fat for energy and build and rebuild muscle which will give you more muscle and an overall better appearance.

However, it is important to do something other than just exercising to reduce belly fat when you are trying to gain muscle and fat for fitness.

When you are having a hard time burning belly fat, focus on creating a diet and lifestyle that helps you lose belly fat while providing enough energy to burn it.

This will help you get the fat that you want through lifestyle changes.

If you have any questions or concerns, ask in the comments.

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