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Belly fat: it’s not as sexy as it seems. When fat is stored in the belly, it is called belly fat. It is a result of all of the following:

Too much sitting and sitting too long and not eating enough. The combination of all of these things causes belly fat to grow.

Lunching and eating too well. Belly fat may not be noticed until something goes wrong (like overdoing it on your diet, but even then, this may not show until you’re 40 and overweight).

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Liking to eat in moderation. If you like to eat large portions of food, then when the bellyfat gets going you may be overeating and getting fat from eating the wrong foods.

What exactly causes belly fat?

If you have the potential to become fat, there are different places the fat can build up in your belly. This list includes the stomach, the duodenum, the large intestine (in people with colorectal disease), and the liver.

The stomach

The stomach is the seat of the digestive system and the food that goes into the digestive system. It produces food, takes it out of the bloodstream, and is one of the largest organs in the body. This means that a small amount of the stuff that goes around the stomach can be dangerous when swallowed as it comes down the oesophagus. It’s safe to drink if swallowed in small amounts (like one glass of water).

The stomach doesn’t just produce food for those that need it. It also removes it from the bloodstream – that is, it’s an absorber of a lot of energy. The stomach is also responsible for digesting and processing food – that’s the part of the stomach that is responsible for producing calories.

The duodenum

The duodenum is the opening into the stomach. It lies inside the small and wide intestine (which is why it’s bigger than the stomach, or is generally considered larger than the stomach). The duodenum absorbs the food we eat. It’s mainly responsible for digestion and the breakdown of food.

The liver

Like the stomach, the liver is an absorber of nutrients and takes them out of the bloodstream. This process goes through four stages:

Breakdown: it takes the food we just ate, breaks it down into smaller amounts and transports the smaller pieces of food from the intestines to the blood. This is the metabolism of food. The liver

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