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Exercise consumes a huge amount of energy in total. And not all that energy is expended directly in the workout, as it could be the difference between you feeling good at a particular workout and feeling horrible at a different one.

One way to get around this is to look at “energy expenditure” as your actual calorie burned per 30 minutes of exercise. This is usually something between two and four times your average number of calories (for example, a person who regularly walks 5 miles for 30 minutes is burning 7 calories per mile – 5 / 30 = 0.23), but depending on the intensity and frequency of the workout, it could be anywhere from 2.6 to 20 calories per mile.

Exercise intensity and interval training burn the most calories, which is why interval training is so popular. So if you’re interested in learning more on this topic, I recommend reading the article on intensity and interval training at Strength and Conditioning Journal.

In short, there’s not a single piece of exercise that burns more calories per minute than any other, so you can make an honest assessment of your caloric expenditure (or calories burned) and pick exercises that burn the most calories when you’re doing them, so this is what you should consider when deciding what exercises that work best for you to do.

How many calories should you eat during the day?

It seems like no one ever asks about this question when they’re first picking their workouts, but it’s absolutely imperative you check this.

It does make a big difference though, as more calories per hour of work can mean a significant increase in calorie burn over a long period of time. For example, an hour of light aerobic exercise (like aerobics classes) burn about 1,900 calories, which can equate to approximately 40 percent of one’s daily calories.

How long should you do your workouts?

As long as you follow the above recommendations, you should get somewhere between 2-5 hours of rest between each workout. This means you should start with 8-10 days of workout prep in your diet, and you can do the first three days of your workouts for about 60-75 minutes before you take a break.

If you’re just getting started and don’t know where to start, I recommend starting with 8-10 hours and increasing it as you get better

This is a big focus in the strength and conditioning community – it helps us see the benefits of interval training, but more importantly, it’ll help

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