Should you eat after 7pm? – Weight Loss Goal

The truth is that our work can come in handy even later in the evening. By late at night, all the energy you have for the day is sapped; and that is the time your body must be at rest. But, it is not true that all your energy must be spent after 4am, it is just more of a compromise between your needs, the time of day you work and the amount of sleep you need. There are two reasons why early in the day may not be the best time to eat.

Firstly, a lot of energy should be saved for the day to come because it is difficult to work if you feel sick after waking up. You need your energy reserves to keep your heart rate up and pump the blood, if you are too tired you will drop all your hard-work and feel sick. A good rule of thumb for this is 8–10 hours. There are only 4 hours in the day in which to work, so it is very important to make sure you work a minimum of 8–10 hours a day.

Secondly, you must remember that the night is when you eat and it is a time when you need maximum energy. It is more efficient to feed yourself first thing in the morning and take advantage of the night to eat a nutritious breakfast and then to have an energy-packed lunch afterwards. Eat before you go to bed to prevent an energy-sapping meal in the early morning. Remember that it takes 7–10 hours from waking up until you go to bed and it only takes 8 hours to eat.
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This is your basic morning routine, what to do if you have more than one day to work?

It is a good idea to have a lunch prepared the night before. You should always prepare the food that will sit well with you and for that reason, it is wise not to cook overnight, because if you do cook, then the energy you would need for the day will not be prepared properly.

For the dinner, there are no easy options available since you have to leave everything out. Try to pick out some fresh vegetables that you have not used yet to have cooked for you. For the main course, you will of course choose your favourite meat and seafood and keep it cold for the main course because of the lack of energy you would have left. To have the best results, if you are cooking one day in the evening (or night), then eat at night.

You must try some variations of food as well,

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