How much weight loss is abnormal? – Runners Diet Meal Plan For Weight Loss

At an approximate weight loss of 10% to 20% a 10lb. drop can be considered to be normal; this is the weight at which, if you were to lose 10% of your body weight, you would drop 8lbs from a height of 1ft. If you have 5% body fat you would drop 1┬Żlb (or 10% weight loss if you have 5% body fat). The amount of weight loss achieved by the normal adult should be between 3 and 4lbs! At the point where you start taking in the extra weight you notice it gradually slows and you are able to maintain the weight loss. You can easily take on more weight by losing the excess and then gaining a little.

How long do they last?

Over a long period of time, depending upon how much excess fat there is, their effectiveness gradually diminishes.

The body is unable to process the weight on your frame so it quickly turns it into water and the skin becomes dehydrated.

It would be very difficult to put a standard weight loss plan together for a whole body which could not be improved, but a programme for weight loss, such as the one presented below, is useful for those who want to lose weight with a more gradual approach.

For your own benefit a scale with a record on the scale should be carried to track the weight when you are on a weight loss programme. This means that you can measure your own weight on a scale from your current weight to your target weight, and use it to guide you when it comes to choosing your weight loss programme.

What can you do if you’re not able to lose your weight?

It is advisable to get regular medical advice. The health practitioner will advise you on ways to control any excess weight such as:


Food Restriction

The best way to control excess weight is by making sure you eat the right healthy foods. A little portion control and eating at least 2-3 meals a day is a good thing to do. This will allow you to achieve a healthy weight for your height in your particular area.

Some people find having a balanced diet can be rather difficult. As you have to eat 2-3 meals every day you will have to take on some extra weight. This will be taken on the basis of weight lost while you are on a diet. It is recommended that your diet is controlled.

It is also worth being realistic about your size. People with a low body

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