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While weight loss during pregnancy is common, abnormal weight loss can also be common in some women at any time during pregnancy (for example, if you’ve gained a lot of weight after getting pregnant), as long as it’s not due to a serious health condition. Examples of pregnancy-related weight loss include:

The body’s hormonal changes, including the release of certain hormones

Long-term weight change related to childbirth, a pregnancy, or new motherhood (for example, if you or your child gain weight during your pregnancy)

If you weigh above the normal “low-risk range” (see how to get your weight down below), and then have a baby, or continue to gain weight during your pregnancy, your baby can still grow (and may even benefit) from being bigger than you were before. As long as you don’t gain too much weight, it’s not a sign of a problem.

If your weight change causes you stress, or puts your safety at risk (such as through obesity-related car accidents), tell your doctor right away.

Why does weight change happen?

Weight change happens because of many things, including:

Your genetics, even though you and your baby’re unique

Changes in your lifestyle, diet, and activity levels (for example, by having too many children)

Changes in your hormones, including pregnancy and childbirth

These factors and more play a role in the body changing its shape from its original shape — or from fat cells in your chest to something much denser in your hips and hips. At the same time, there are also differences between how your body responds.

In some cases, you may be able to return to a previous weight at some time before and during pregnancy (for example, by losing a few pounds after getting pregnant). But in other cases, weight gain or loss during pregnancy may lead to problems. The best way to plan for those things is to keep track of things that you eat — a weight monitoring scale is a good idea for this. And you can find more information on planning for weight change at Healthy Weight Stages.

What’s normal weight?

If you measure your weight and get at least a BMI of 18.5 or lower, then you’re not too bad. At this point in time, it isn’t too bad for women of any age, and normal weight for pregnant women is generally around 18.6.

Your weight may actually increase if you add more

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