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I’m currently following a ketogenic diet and I had almost one year of the diet without any food or water. I lost a bit of weight at the beginning but I have since stopped. During my first year of the diet I was able to lose around 15kg. At the end of the year I lost around 32kg. This would seem to suggest that ketosis is very useful for cutting any amount of excess weight, but is it really? Does it matter what the specific calorie content is of the diet, or only what calories are consumed? If it matters then is the weight you gain a result of increased appetite. Would more weight lose weight as it lost?

You mentioned that people can benefit from the diet in cutting the weight a little bit, is this only due to the fact that they are burning an extra calorie a day and burning body fat for fuel? Have you tried adding more calories to the diet on a daily basis? (for example, eating 500 g of carbs a day)
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Ketosis is great for thin people if you diet appropriately, but only if the diet is done right – so the ideal diet should provide a very healthy and balanced ratio of calories vs body fat, and ketones should be used to fuel fat burning. You don’t need to worry about calorie requirements if you do, because the goal is to lose weight with ketones (although there can still be a small impact of ketones on metabolism). Keto diets have been associated with improved insulin sensitivity and better body weight control, particularly among keto-adapted individuals, so some of this benefit is likely with the ketosis – just a more precise way of doing it. If you eat 500 grams of carbs each day it can cut your net fat intake by 15%, meaning you burn more as fat, at a much higher rate. You won’t lose any weight through the diet, and your weight will have stayed level for the year. You may not notice any weight loss at the lower end, but your body might. For example, some people gain weight while keeping the ketones and other carbs constant. It is worth noting that most “fat loss dieters” I’ve spoken to report improvements in energy expenditure, body fat percentage, and even lean body mass.

There have been several studies which claim that ketones can reduce post-prandial leptin. Has this always been the case? If so does this also correlate with weight loss?

Ketogenesis seems to reduce leptin levels a bit (if

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