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Get rid of extra muscle. Learn how to build a bigger body by adding muscle in the form of strength training in a controlled manner. This is what we’re going to do together.

We’re going to work through a series of muscle building exercises that are suitable for beginners and intermediate strength training enthusiasts, aswell as advanced lifters. We’ll cover:
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How to build bigger, stronger shoulders

How to build bigger and stronger triceps and back muscles

How to grow a leaner lower body

How to gain size by eliminating body fat

How to create a larger, stronger chest and shoulders

How to create a bigger, stronger upper body to work more regularly in the gym

Our goal is to learn how to build a stronger body using only the four essential elements in the following order:

1. Increase the amount of muscle on the body

2. Create stronger muscles

3. Work harder and more consistently

4. Be consistent and build stronger long term

This article will explain you everything you need to know about the principles we will put into effect.

What are the 4 Elements of Muscle Growth?

Muscle growth is the process of creating more muscle cells. When we increase the amount of muscle in some tissues the tissue begins to swell, which helps to create more strength and power. This is why lifting weights is good for us, and we get stronger and stronger. The same principle applies for building muscle on the body. When you build muscle in some parts of the body, you create more muscle in other parts.

It’s important to understand the principle behind muscle growth. Simply put, what you gain is not what you lose. Instead, what you gain is muscle that can be used to build bigger muscles in other parts of the body. To understand this better we need to know what muscle growth is and how we learn how to build bigger muscles.

Muscle growth can take place in a number of ways, ranging from muscular atrophy (loss of muscle) to hyperplasia (increased muscle).

Muscle atrophy occurs when the body’s natural tendency is to conserve muscle mass, and does so by making smaller amounts of muscle. Hyperplasia tends to occur when the body’s natural tendency is to make bigger amounts of muscle than the body’s natural tendency to conserve muscle mass allows. In fact, both of these tendencies occur in the same muscle. Muscle cells can only grow as much as they use,

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