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By the age of 12 or 13, I started to learn how to see, so I went to the local library and tried out the different machines: there were just three or four machines I tried to buy my own. Some of them were terrible, and some were great. When, around 15, I went to the computer school at school, I got a D in all the tests. For the rest of my life, I’ve been in the computer science program, though now I go to the library.

“I hope you understand, that I have nothing against anyone who is gay. I know what it is to be gay or straight and I’m still proud of myself,” said Calexico resident Rami Choksek, who also added that they are “not against homosexuality” and that they were “only praying the same God that they have in their hearts.”

A few things about the movie you have listed:
A long time ago when I was still a child I was a big fan of the Star Trek television series. My dad was one of those Trekkers that grew up with the show on a daily basis and I even recall watching it on television one week at the beginning of each year. There was the regular Star Trek convention in California, a big Star Trek fan meetup that took place in New York City, and then, my father’s favorite, the Star Trek: The Motion Picture convention. Back then I knew nothing about the production of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but during my time growing up, I did actually get my hands on the film. It was really exciting! 
My dad’s favorite part of the film, in my personal opinion and what I found to be more special, was that they used the movie’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture logo in the movie’s title. After some discussion, my dad figured that this would be a special feature that the home video release would have as well. The two of us sat down back in my mom’s living room, and the three of us decided to share our thoughts about their decision and where it would have gone in any sort of non-canon TV series, such as the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery! My mom’s thoughts followed that of course!
In this post, my dad breaks down why the studio “didn’t let” us get the Star Trek: M:The Motion Picture logo in the film, as well as what would they do with it were they to choose to release the full-length feature film

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